Consignment Quotes (Assembly only) require the following documentation
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) of current revision.
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Sample/Golden board if available
  • Gerber Data, required to fabricate solder stencils and PCB fabrication.
  • CAD DATA to program the surface-mount pick and place machine.

Our assembly quotes are based on the types of components to be placed, the number of placements, complexity of the component placement, turn-time required, and any other special instructions required to complete the assembly process.

Turnkey quotes (Assembly and Materials) require all the documentation above in addition the following:

  • Approved Vendor Listing (AVL). This is a listing of all alternate qualified parts

EXPERT also offers extremely fast turnaround on PCB Fab. With EXPERT facilitating both the fab and Assembly of your projects, EXPERT can deliver turnkey assemblies in as little as 3 days after receipt of your purchase order.

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