• Consignment and Full turnkey
  • Materials Management
  • Prototype to Medium-Volume Production Runs
  • Technical Program Management and Field Support
  • In-House X-Ray Services
  • Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Full product integration / Box Builds
  • Technical Program Management and Field Support
  • Rework Services
  • EXPERT Pick Up and Delivery Services
  • Superdry Technology to eliminate/reduce moisture contamination**

**EXPERT utilizes ultra-low relative humidity for all PCB fabs and other moisture sensitive components to insure the integrity of your functional PWA. This superior alternative to baking insures no moisture in fabs or components. Backing is the more common practice in the industry that causes expedited  moisture expulsion and leads to excessive oxidation on pads.

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Expert Assembly is known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities and expertise as well as bringing your custom projects into fully automated in-line component placement production. Because of our EXPERT Quality Control and in-house X-Ray capability, we are able to offer our customers a Lifetime Solder Guarantee (The only EMS provider that to offer this guarantee)!



Our highly trained and skilled solderers can produce solder joints to both Class II and Class III. Where more precision is required, selective solder is used as an alternate. EXPERT also utilizes separate platforms for lead wave and lead free wave.



Ball Grid Array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging used for the most complex integrated circuits. BGA devices require precise control and are usually placed by automated processes. Our EXPERT engineering staff is ready to support your designs from its early development stages, ensuring your project is delivered with superb quality and on-time delivery.

Every complex PWA is unique. For this reason EXPERT uses a superior process to confirm the proper reflow profile is developed and used for you individual assembly.



Quick Turn Programs for Partial and Full Turnkey Electronic Assemblies in as little as 3 days.



Our Lifetime Solder Guarantee ensures you will never have to worry about our commitment to provide rework and repair support on any Electronic Assembly for the life of the product.


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